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We’re sad to see Nancy go and give a big thank you to her for the work she has done with the book bus.

Learners Opportunity Group Society is seeking a Book Bus Driver/Literacy Support Outreach Worker The position is for up to 60 hours a month for 11 months of the year @ $18 an hour.

Commencing immediately with the following responsibilities:

  • select books and reading materials from the storage room and deliver to individuals upon special request (we have several isolating seniors who ask for books)
  • sort and refresh the reading materials in the existing Little Book Houses
  • work with communities to find appropriate places for 25 more Little Book Houses
  • arrange workers to install the Little Book Houses in their new locations.
  • When the Little Book Houses are installed, travel around to each community on a schedule, updating and refreshing reading materials.
  • Keep clear records of how many books are distributed to adults and children. Whenever possible make COVID safe contact with adult patrons, assisting with book selection and offering literacy support.
  • As COVID restrictions lift, work with LOGS Board to build a plan to gradually reopen the Book Bus.
  • When it is safe to do so, establish a regular schedule to take the Book Bus to all of the communities in the Upper Skeena Region.
  • When the Bus is operating on a schedule, sort books and keep the Book Bus tidy and appropriately stocked.
  • Continue to refresh and rotate materials in the Little Book Houses.
  • When the Bus is operating again, keep records of how many books are distributed and how many patrons, adults and children, come onto the bus.
  • Whenever possible make contact with adult patrons, assisting with book selection and offering literacy support. Keep a record of these more in depth contacts with adult patrons.
  • As the current supply of donated books in storage begins to deplete, arrange intake for more donations. Sort donations into the storage area.
  • Prepare an informal report for the Learners Opportunity Group Society board for the third Tuesday of each month.The successful applicant will have:
  • a clear criminal record check
  • a BC Drivers licence with a clean driving record
  • two referencesIt is possible that these responsibilities could be divided into two positions, the Little Book House portion and the Book Bus portion.

    Interested applicants should contact Charlotte Linford , LOGS Chair

    250 842 5887

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