Welcome Joanne

Welcome Joanne Saunders as our new Book Bus Driver/Outreach Worker.

She will be contacting people in the various communities regarding the Book Bus and establishment of Little Book Houses.

HSS students are building 20 Little Book Houses. We are asking for community input and suggestions for locations to install them throughout the region.

Job Opportunity

We’re sad to see Nancy go and give a big thank you to her for the work she has done with the book bus.

Learners Opportunity Group Society is seeking a Book Bus Driver/Literacy Support Outreach Worker The position is for up to 60 hours a month for 11 months of the year @ $18 an hour.

Commencing immediately with the following responsibilities:

  • select books and reading materials from the storage room and deliver to individuals upon special request (we have several isolating seniors who ask for books)
  • sort and refresh the reading materials in the existing Little Book Houses
  • work with communities to find appropriate places for 25 more Little Book Houses
  • arrange workers to install the Little Book Houses in their new locations.
  • When the Little Book Houses are installed, travel around to each community on a schedule, updating and refreshing reading materials.
  • Keep clear records of how many books are distributed to adults and children. Whenever possible make COVID safe contact with adult patrons, assisting with book selection and offering literacy support.
  • As COVID restrictions lift, work with LOGS Board to build a plan to gradually reopen the Book Bus.
  • When it is safe to do so, establish a regular schedule to take the Book Bus to all of the communities in the Upper Skeena Region.
  • When the Bus is operating on a schedule, sort books and keep the Book Bus tidy and appropriately stocked.
  • Continue to refresh and rotate materials in the Little Book Houses.
  • When the Bus is operating again, keep records of how many books are distributed and how many patrons, adults and children, come onto the bus.
  • Whenever possible make contact with adult patrons, assisting with book selection and offering literacy support. Keep a record of these more in depth contacts with adult patrons.
  • As the current supply of donated books in storage begins to deplete, arrange intake for more donations. Sort donations into the storage area.
  • Prepare an informal report for the Learners Opportunity Group Society board for the third Tuesday of each month.The successful applicant will have:
  • a clear criminal record check
  • a BC Drivers licence with a clean driving record
  • two referencesIt is possible that these responsibilities could be divided into two positions, the Little Book House portion and the Book Bus portion.

    Interested applicants should contact Charlotte Linford , LOGS Chair


    250 842 5887

Book Bus cancelled

The Book Bus is cancelled until further notice due to the Provincial COVID orders. Little Book Houses will be kept stocked… located in Old Hazelton by the riverboat; New Hazelton by the Info Centre, Allen Park, Chevron; Kitwanga by Centennial Park. Be kind. Be safe.


LOGS AGM November 17th at 7pm.  The meeting will be held via ZOOM. Contact Charlotte at 250-842-5887 if you wish to attend.

Storage Request

LOGS is seeking dry storage space for boxes of books. Something about the size of a 20′ shipping container would be awesome! Please email hazeltonlit2@gmail.com if you can help. Thanks.

Book Bus Update

Due to ongoing COVID restrictions, the Book Bus will be only in Kitwanga (Noon-1pm) and New Hazelton (2-3pm) on alternate Sundays. October 18, November 1, 15, 29, December 13, 27.

With limited operations, we are currently overwhelmed with books, so need to stop accepting book donations for the winter.

Thank you for your continued support of the Book Bus. We look forward to a time when we are able to visit all of our communities.

Little Book Houses

LOGS needs woodworkers to build Little Book Houses, plans could be provided, builders will be reimbursed for any materials needed and will receive a small honorarium. call Charlotte for information 250 842 5887

Book Bus at Farmers’ Market

It is a joy to be back at the Farmers’ Market and see so many people again.

Our Farmers Market is very well set up; Lola is super organized
sanitization is well practiced, distancing and people are moving through in a most appreciative way.
Health Inspector made his rounds and we are safe and following protocols excellently!

We had over 60 visitors to the Book Bus the first Sunday.

We will continue to be at the Farmers’ Market every Sunday.

Book Bus at New Hazelton Farmers’ Market Sunday

Sunday, June 7th we will have the Book Bus at the Farmers’ Market on a trial basis.

Our safety plan:
Only one person on the bus at a time.
You must wear a mask or cover your mouth and nose with cloth while on the bus.
Sanitize your hands before going onto the bus and after leaving the bus.
Please touch only the books that you are interested in.
Stay at least 2 meters away from the bus operator and any other patrons at all times.
If you are feeling unwell, do not enter the bus.
The doors of the bus will remain open to provide ventilation.
The bus operator will sanitize touched surfaces between each patron.